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Feb. 28th, 2012

11:33 am - Never Change Fandom, Oh Wait You Didn't ...

Love how much easier it is for Sherlock fans to accept Watson as a RODENT than as a woman, ala Basil of Baker Street.

Your slash goggles — they’re cutting the blood off to your brain, okay? The White Cock version of Holmes and Watson is not an endangered species nor will it be anytime soon.

Lucy Liu will be a FANTASTIC Watson. (A better Holmes, actually, but we can't have everything.)

I plan on watching the shit out of this show, especially because I'm thinking that with Liu on board it will be free of the scummy racism rampant in BBC's "Sherlock" which, after the horror of "The Blind Banker" I'd rather claw my eyes out than ever watch again.

At least one can hope.

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