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Aug. 31st, 2012

09:56 am - Teen Wolf and Tea

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From the Sick As a Dog Files, so nothing to do but mainline the Teen Wolf I dl'd months ago ...

(No spoilers)

It's a surprisingly good show. Good in the continuity department where even the best shows fail after about ten eps (WOW, WHEN DID THIS BECOME A THING), the world-building department (maybe some of the wolf behavioral stuff stretches, but hey, werewolves, not real wolves), the suspense and *gasp* TWIST department and is well-acted, particularly by the older actors (Michael Hogan, WHOA!) but the kids are no slouches either.

The girls in particular are so sympathetic and heartbreaking, the boys aren't too much of the irritating manpain trope (okay, maybe a little bit), and even the boys who are meant to be dicks aren't unwatchable. But the grownups ... SO FLAWED, even the good guys and the 'bad' guys -- who don't think they are bad, just practical -- WHOA.

I'm a little worried about Season Three, for Reasons, but considering I wasn't expecting to get past the fourth ep, I'll be watching.

For the record, I really didn't see overt Stiles/Derek, but I sure as hell saw the Lydia/Allison. Oh, and there are gay people in this! Ordinary, almost boring gay people, who aren't quippy queens or suicidal sisters! They are just ... characters. WOW, WHEN DID THIS BECOME A THING!

Now to get on some SH writing I've been dithering over, after a SECOND week of surprise!vacation and *cough* sickness.

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