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Jul. 27th, 2012

08:29 am - *frowny face*

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My recently adopted kitty has bloody stools so it's off to the vet we go. :(

I'm always nervous when I take my pets to the vet. They're upset and scared, I'm upset and scared and it's usually a disaster. (When I take the Sproglet to the doctor, I'm cool and in-charge and ready for anything. I have no idea why I'm so freaked out taking the kitty to the vet. Maybe because the cat cries the entire time?)


Anyway, my new cat is very cute. He's a senior and rescued from a cat hoarder and very strangely, had the same name as my late cat, which sealed the deal. He's not the same color, he's a gold tabby with a very fluffy tail (love his tail). And possibly the most affectionate cat you'll ever meet.

Plays with the Sproglet like a kitten, is the lap cat of my dreams, is very well-behaved. We love him so HE'D BETTER NOT BE REALLY SICK.



The one time he used it. He likes boxes and laps better. Note the Sproglet Nerf bullet which he loves to chase and collect, which suits them both pretty well.

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