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Feb. 29th, 2012

02:11 pm - Hmmmmm ...

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The Smallville Slash Archive is being transferred and displayed wholesale sans authors' individual permission over to the Archive of Our Own via OTW's "Open Door" policy, which is opt-out -- meaning you have to make an AO3 account, delete your stories -- or at least the stories you can prove are yours? -- and then delete your account if you wish -- that is, if you ever get the notice sent to what may be an out-of-date email account.

I'm not crazy about this, not only because I have sock stories there that I don't want to go anywhere else and I'm pretty sure the email accounts I'd have to use to verify those stories are long gone. Not only do I not want to "claim" them, I don't have the means to claim them -- unless they'll take some other email -- or just my word under a sock mail, but then again, what's to stop anyone from approving or deleting stories as they wish if that's the case?

Here's a comment that sort of sums up my feelings on the OTW discussion post regarding the wholesale importation *and* immediate public display by azarias:

"Then import them privately, and mark them on the AO3 end as not having permission, then delete all of those before making the collection public. Or export the database elsewhere, do your sorting there, and then import to AO3. Since you're moving the stories to a completely new codebase, there are a number of ways to resolve this, none of which require you to put the stories up publicly on AO3 and put the onus on the authors to know you've done it, and register an account with your site in order to be able to correct your mistake. Perhaps none of those ways are as convenient as just archiving them all at once and calling it a good job, but sometimes doing a job right takes a little extra effort.

The clock isn't ticking. Hard drive space is cheap: you can hold the "indeterminate" stories indefinitely until such time as the author contacts you with permission. I have a folder full of fanfics from dead sites. I suspect most of us do. I keep them because I don't want to lose the stories, but what I don't do is post them on another site to make sure they stay accessible online!

You're not talking about rescuing a baby here. You're talking about archiving fanfics. There's no justification for trampling over authors' rights and basic fannish courtesy from an overwhelming need to save these stories. Yes, it's sad when stories disappear from the Internet, but if the options are let them disappear, or take them without asking, the latter is not the right choice. The right choice is to find a middle path and take only the ones the authors agree to let you take."

I also wonder what the response would be if Fanfiction.Net started importing and displaying fics from sites that hosts no longer wished to maintain sans authorial permission. (And I have nothing against FF.N, I post there as well as AO3 -- I'm just thinking that particular species of benevolence wouldn't sit so well.)

I'm not against importing and saving the work (I do it myself with right click ---> save as for my favorite fics just in case) just the display of them sans express permission given. There's really no need for that.

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